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I could have made this fancy lay-out, but LJ came with nifty wizard styles
This LJ Is friends only

  • I am lame for having a friends only LJ, but I want to, because I don't want everybody to read everything I have to post.

  • If you leave a comment, I will consider adding you and/or will see that you added me. If you could, please add some reason why you want to be my LJ friend. I'd also be happy if you leave a comment when you added me.

  • Please don't comment with your promotions of this or that community mmmkay, because I might not want to join your community or the community you're in.

  • Please note that I really don't update with anything useful besides boring rants, pictures and other stuff that makes no sense :D

  • Also note that I'm not a nice person and if you can't stand the fact that I am mean in general, please go away too..

  • If you want to add me because you want to get in my pants, get lost.

  • If you're allready on my friendslist, you can ignore this message.
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    TO ME :P

    So, It's official, I'm no longer a teenager..

    And what my superb friend geluidsmeter Gave me;



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    ~75+ members
    ~Many new applicants, active members & mods
    ~Daily activities including icontests, superlatives, themes, debates, etc.
    ~Very active community & you never run out of things to do
    ~No drama & voters are always honest but never rude!
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    Happy 1 year Birthday Miss Murphy MacPuffus
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    music :D

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    New Lay-out featuring Marilyn Monroe again
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    LET OP!!
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    I called...

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    five new invites for msn 8


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    Well, before I go "ruin" my reputation as an artist, let me tell you this, there's this topic on the DGMB which is like, make one of your fave cd's in ms paint.. So I did, in two minutes, with a tablet and reaaallly basic colors :P
    Okay, that was fun, but I still think the video is MORE hilarious XD
    I copied PsiCollapse )

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