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I could have made this fancy lay-out, but LJ came with nifty wizard styles

Dee Dee

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Picture made by Jennifer Bosters

Meow I am UberCookie aka Daisy aka Dee Dee. If you want to make stupid remarks about my initials, please go away now. Thank you!
I like Barnyard Ballers. And if you don't like them, you can complain about it on their MySpace. I am sure they will appreciate your nasty, hateful, distasteful and horrid comments. I also like cats, coffee, davidoff classic and my roomie's; A lazy kitty punk and a Psycho boy who I love.
You can add me if you share interets with me and if you like coffee. Note that my LJ _is_ Friends Only, thank you very much.

If you could please leave a comment, I can and will add you back. Thank you :)

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PVC boobies&booties are is Love

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Davidoff Classic is Love

~75+ members
~Many new applicants, active members & mods
~Daily activities including icontests, superlatives, themes, debates, etc.
~Very active community & you never run out of things to do
~No drama & voters are always honest but never rude!